Mevex Corporation

Mevex is a Canadian company specializing in electron accelerator technology. Mevex has an installed base of 22 accelerators around the world. Mevex provides turn-key facilities or stand-alone accelerators. Their accelerator technology meets the expected processing demands (power and energy ranges) for Mo-99 production. Mevex personnel are located in Ottawa, Canada; Goteborg, Sweden; and Brussels, Belgium. Mevex will provide beam time and target development assistance for the project.

Canadian Light Source Incorporated

The Canadian Light Source Incorporated (CLSI) is Canada’s national centre for synchrotron research and is a global leader and a recognized centre of excellence in synchrotron science and radiation-based applications. CLS operations are funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, National Research Council of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Government of Saskatchewan and the University of Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Government

Manitoba’s Department of Science, Technology, Energy and Mines (STEM) is assisting PIPE in developing our production concept. Manitoba is moving forward with a long-term plan that recognizes innovation as the key to future economic development. STEM provides a coordinating function for all research, innovation science and technology initiatives in government. The life sciences industry in Manitoba represents expertise in biomedical and agricultural research with an emerging environmental component. A wide range of stakeholders, including established corporations with a biotechnology division, universities, research institutes, government laboratories, venture capital firms, regulatory authorities and suppliers involved directly or indirectly in biotechnology have taken advantage of Manitoba’s world-class research expertise, unique facilities and cost-effective research environment. The potential for critical links between agriculture, health and environmental biotech activities has positioned Manitoba as an attractive Canadian site for life sciences research. The government’s actions have positioned the province to become an innovation leader. By participating in the PIPE project through the provincially-operated WRHA the Province enhances its leadership position in healthcare.