PIPE Members

Acsion Industries Incorporated

Acsion Industries is a leading edge development company, based in Pinawa, Manitoba, tasked with commercializing electron beam or E-beam technologies. Acsion, through our various divisions and subsidiaries, focuses on the emerging field characterized as the ‘science of safety’. AcsionAcsion serves public and private clients who require assistance in increasing the levels of safety in their operations. Their expertise is in linear accelerators, nuclear energy field, health and radiation safety, environmental protection projects and material science. The centre piece for our E-beam treatment research is our MB 10-4 industrial linear accelerator.

Acsion will apply its extensive experience in commercial accelerator operations in healthcare and other sectors to commercialize the production of Mo-99.  Acsion will use its knowledge in computer modeling and extensive resources in applied radiochemistry to molybdenum target development for optimization of Mo-99 yield.  Acsion’s expertise in operational radiation safety, licensing and regulatory compliance gained from operating their own e-beam facility will enable it to make the manufacture and shipment of Mo-99 routine, safe and commercially efficient.